Digital Learning Objective: Why was there a need for the crusade to the east?

Classroom Objectives/Outcomes:

I can describe how individuals can influence individuals, groups and society.

Theme 5: Individuals, Groups and Institutions p. 42-43


Analyzing change over time

Making predictions

21st Century Skills: Analyze and evaluate major alternative points of view

National Standards:

Adler, Susan A. National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies: A Framework for Teaching, Learning and Assessment. Silver Spring, Md: National Council for the Social Studies, 2010. Print.

Assessment Tasks:

1.  Why were white people in the West worried about the verdict of the case?

2.  What are some “conditions of civilization?”

3.  What does “Standing Bear jumped ship” mean, from her perspective?

4.  Why would a trip to the East been a good choice at that time?

5.  Who went on this crusade?

6.  Why was Big Snake not able to do the same thing his brother could do? (leave the Reservation)

7. Where did Standing Bear live on his return to Nebraska after the crusade was over?


1. Many White people still feared and worried that Natives would leave their Reservations.

2. That Indians could live off the Reservations if they agreed to give up their traditional ways and follow the laws of whites.

3. She might have meant that he broke away from his people and because of the court’s verdict--that he would no longer be under the influence of the tribe, he couldn’t return to Indian Territory.  He alienated his family and extended kin.  That he left his Indian ways to be a white person.

4. At this time, people out East had a more sympathetic view towards Natives.

5. Thomas Tibbles, Chief Standing Bear, Suzette La Flesche and her brother Francis La Flesche

6. Judge Dundy’s desision only applied to those who had given up their rights as Indians.

7. Initially on an island in the middle of the Niobrara River.  Then, 11 years after the trial land was over, he received an allotment of land.

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