Digital Learning Objective: Describe the relationship between Homeland and Exile. 

Classroom Objectives/Outcomes:

I can describe what role geography, economics and politics plays in the development of cultures and cultural diffusion.
I can describe how changes in the use and distribution of resources affect peoples’ lives.


Analyzing primary and secondary resources
Identifying point of view

National Standards:

Adler, Susan A. National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies: A Framework for Teaching, Learning and Assessment. Silver Spring, Md: National Council for the Social Studies, 2010. Print.

Theme 1: Culture p. 26-27
Theme 3: People, Places and Environments p. 34-35


Assessment Tasks:

1. How do the Ponca people pass on their history in this film?
2. Below the first two speakers’ names, it says “Southern Ponca.”  What might that suggest about the Tribe today?
3. How were the Ponca moved from their Homeland?
4. What does the burial of White Buffalo Girl suggest about the relationship between the Poncas and the members of this community?  Have the people of Neligh honored their promise?
5.  What did many Ponca believe was the cause of the bad weather they encountered on their trip?
6. What was the land like when the Ponca got to Indian Territory?  Did this allow them to continue the same way of life as they had in Nebraska?  What was different?


1. Ponca people pass on their history through stories and song.
2. It suggests that the Ponca Tribe remains split into two different Tribes, one in Nebraska and one in Oklahoma.
3. They were forcibly removed by the military and marched on foot.
4. It suggests that there was a peaceful understanding between the two groups.  There is respect because the people in Neleigh have continued to honor that promise.
5. They thought the bad weather was a signal that the gods were angry with them.
6. The land was dry and many mosquitos and other bugs they could not protect themselves from.  They didn’t have the proper tools to plant anything in the land that year.  They didn’t have their native plants, so they needed to find different healing herbs and plants.

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