Digital Learning Objective: Since Standing Bear’s death, how are the journeys of the Ponca people still evolving?

Classroom Objectives/Outcomes:

I can describe what role time and place plays in the development and change of cultures.

Theme 2: Time, Continuity and Change p. 30-31



Using timelines


Putting dates into centuries, eras or ages (contextualization)

National Standards:

Adler, Susan A. National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies: A Framework for Teaching, Learning and Assessment. Silver Spring, Md: National Council for the Social Studies, 2010. Print.

Assessment Tasks:

1.  What is termination?  What does that mean?  Where does that fit into the chart of historical dealings between the U.S. government and Native people?

2.  What affect did termination have on the ability of Native people, like Janet Saiz,  to continue to adapt and survive?

3.  How did “home” evolve over time for both the Northern and Southern Ponca?

*Elaborate on the power of place for Native people, past and present. 

 What things have affected the “power of place” for different Tribes?

            Geography, economics, availability of resources, health, policy, etc.


1. The federal government ends its official government to government relationship with a Tribal Nation.  It means the federal government no longer recognizes that particular Tribe as a Tribe. Those members of that Tribe no longer have any rights or privileges they once had as members.

2. She “kinda drifted.” Didn’t have any connection to things.

3.  The Ponca Tribe of Nebraska was restored in October 31, 1990.  They do not have a Reservation, but rather service areas in cities high in Ponca enrollment.  These service areas allows for Tribal members to attend council meetings, Tribal community events and receive healthcare benefits.  The Northern Ponca agency grounds remain in Niobrara, where annual pow wows are a draw for the community.

The Ponca Tribe of Oklahoma’s agency remains in the same place outside of White Eagle, OK.  Although far away from their ancestors, they have adapted and maintained their cultures and self governance.

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